Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swag App

Tomorrow we will release a beta version of our new swagbucks app called the Swag App. The Swag App is a program that allows you to search the swag bucks site, register for a swagbucks account, and view the How 2 Earn Swag Bucks page. There are also links to all the social sites, the blog and the swag store. All of these are in one easy to access program! This app allows you to access everything swagbucks from one easy to find location.

(You can view the FULL swagbucks store and the FULL blog unlike in the Swidget)

Note: You will have to reinstall the final release because the update feature will not work in beta. Most of the features will work in the beta version, but the visual effects will not yet be up to standards.

We are in the process of trying to have a new section were you can check for Swag Codes just like in the Swidget, but most likely this will be released in a later version and not in version 1.0

- Andrew D. & KOB KOB

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