Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mobile Page 2.0

I know the iPhone mobile page was only released a few weeks ago, but I have been working on version 2.o. I gutted the whole page out and started from scratch. It will have full screen support, more pictures, and what everyone has been waiting for, you will now be able to view all posts on the How 2 Earn SwagBucks Blog. No need to open our main page on your iPhone because now you can view all posts on the mobile page. Version 2.0 will be released over the weekend. We couldn't do this all ourselves, we do have to thank the iWebkit project.

- Andrew D. & KOB KOB

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

 Today we celebrate all of the working people, especially all of the men and women working to protect our freedom.  So to all those in the U.S. Happy Labor Day, and make sure to check out the Labor Day toolbar swagcode.

- Andrew D. &  KOB KOB


   The main topic of this blog is swagbucks related, but every once in a while we'll have posts on another important topic.  Recently my friend showed me this very cool site called  It is very similar to swagbucks although instead of earning points to redeem prizes you earn cash, which you can send to paypal or be collected in the mail as a check.  Basically you complete surveys, sign up for subscriptions, or order items.  Most of the offers there DO NOT require a credit card just 5 minutes of your time.  The offers that do require a credit card are not crazy products no one has every heard of, instead they're well know brand names such as Blockbuster, ShamWow, Wal-Mart, and many more.  Once you complete an offer it is instantly added to your account.  Once you earn 25 dollars then you can request to be paid (Trust me you can do it within 24 hours).  The money is sent to you within 5-10 days. So far I've earned 70 dollars and I've been a member for less than a week!  Its a great site with thousands of members.  If you want you can read more about it and sign up if you like at the link below.   Note: The confirmation email may be located in the Spam folder

Link =    

- Andrew D. &  KOB KOB

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Toolbar SwagCodes

  If you haven't already downloaded the toolbar then download it!!  It's a must have for any serious swagernaut.  So far there have been six swagcodes in the toolbar and TSG said that there will be a swagcode in the toolbar everyday in the month of September. If you haven't downloaded it yet then here's how to download.  First click on the link below.  This will bring you to the download page.  The page automatically detects what web browser you are using.  Click the big purple Download button. For every browser except Firefox a popup will appear asking whether or not you would like to download (For Firefox you will have to click "allow" in the top right corner).  Then you click "install" or "run".  Once the files are downloaded you will be asked what features or notifications you would like to receive or be added to your toolbar.  Select whatever ones you want, then select "finish or "complete".  Your web browser will restart and you should have the SwagBucks toolbar installed. 

 Download toolbar:

- Andrew D. &   KOB KOB

Friday, September 4, 2009


 Its that time of the week again, everyone's favorite day, yea, it's Friday. That means that its Mega SwagBuck Day.  On these days you have a better chance of winning the higher value swagbucks.  I myself have never won anything over 5 swagbucks, but if you do make sure to take a screenshot or save it as a picture and submit it to the SwagBucks Flickr page.  For more info on MSBD and how to make the most swagbucks possible see my post on An Introduction to SwagBucks.

- Andrew D. &   KOB KOB

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Subscribe Feature

Please check out the new Subscribe feature.  You can find this at the bottom left of the screen.  If you press subscribe then you can receive all of the new posts made on this site by RSS.  Upon pressing the button you will be prompted to select which RSS site you would like to use.  Just select your favorite and your done.  Alternatively if you would like to be added to the email list and receive all the new posts by email then leave a comment with your name and email address.
* Don't forget to become a Follower and be entered for a chance to win a cool prize*

- Andrew D. &   KOB KOB

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


 As many of you guessed Swago is the Swagbucks form of Bingo.  Swagbucks only just recently revealed how it works.  Basically you can win the 1,000 swagbuck grand prize if you get 5 pieces of the Swago Board in a row, just like Bingo.  You earn these pieces by ordering certain items from Right now you can only receive these pieces by ordering items from the Back To School section, but they will soon add many more.  For a full list of the new sections they are soon to add and for some more information visit the link below.

Swago -

*Also see the new countdown widget at the bottom of the page, to learn why its there read the post below*

- Andrew D.  &  KOB KOB

1000 Hits!

As you can see from the Hit Counter at the bottom of the page we have had over 1000 hits to this site.  I would like to thank all of you who help support this site and allowed us to reach this milestone.  My next goal is to reach 2000 hits within the next 3 weeks. If we do then I plan to give away a prize to a randomly selected follower of this site. So please just click the "follow" button on the bottom left of your screen, but remember I will only do this if we get another 1000 hits within the next 3 weeks.  So tell your friends and click that follow button!

- Andrew D  &  KOB KOB

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Ads and New Features

   We're off to a good start on our first day of the new and improved How2EarnSB website, and you may have noticed the new advertisements above and to the left of this post.  Now I know that everyone hates them, but they are currently necessary to support this site.  If you really dislike them then you could make a donation using the donate button on the bottom left, and then hopefully we can remove them. 
    Along with the ads there are also several new sections added to the left hand column.  One of which is the RSS section.  If you subscribe you will receive all of the new posts on this website by email.  We also reinstated the Followers section and added a Sign In section for  followers.  The Sign In section has some pretty cool features, but you'll have to become a follow to see what they are.
                                                  * Also read the New Direction post below*

- Andrew D.  &  KOB KOB

Swag App v1.2

When we released version 1.1 we unfortunately forgot to do a full bug check, so we are now releasing version 1.2 which is completely bug free.  Most of the bugs were only for people running Window Vista. For a Full list of bug fixes, the few minor improvements, and download link see the Swag App website.

Also please read the post entitled  "New Direction" which is the third post down.

- Andrew D.  &  KOB KOB

New ToolBar is Here!

Today TSG released the new SwagBucks Toolbar (You can download it at the link below.)  It is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.  This toolbar is a must download for anyone who likes swagcodes everyday, links to all social media sites, and sb news sites.  You can also view all the prizes, ways to earn, and Messages from TSG.  Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, you can ALSO check new emails by adding your email account from any major web email site, listen to online radio, and check your local weather forecast.  Within the next week I will have a tutorial on how to use and install the new toolbar.

Download HERE

- Andrew D.  &  KOB KOB

Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Direction

We are now planning on improving this site and providing a greater quantity, and more in depth information about everything SwagBucks.  We will post about all the current events happening in the SwagBucks community, and give a more detailed analysis.  Unlike other blogs we will give our own opinion on whats smart, good deals, and things to avoid. We will start our new philosophy tomorrow.   
On a side Note: You may have noticed that we have recently added advertisements to the left column.  This is necessary to support ourselves and the Swag App.  Now when we agreed to the Terms and Conditions it was clearly stated that we can not recommend that you click on the advertisements.  It was also stated that you can not say anything like, "If you click an advertisement you can help support our website." Also Its important we don't post anywhere, "Please click on any of the advertisements on the screen."  So we plan on never saying any of those policy voiding statements, and plan on strictly abiding to the Terms and Conditions we agreed upon.

- Andrew D.  & KOB KOB

Version 1.1 is READY!

Today Version 1.1 has been released. It has many Major Updates!  You can download the Swag App version 1.1 at the website below.

-  Andrew D. &  KOB KOB

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mobile Page

We Have just released our guide to swagbucks for the iphone! We are very excited about this new page that will tell you everything you need to know about swagbucks. To view it go to To install visit the page then click the plus at the bottom of the screen.

Then Click Add to Home Screen

And Voila it's installed

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Features in Version 1.1

This version will be released on the 31st

NEW in version 1.1:
1. Option to switch to main SwagBucks site
2. Full web browser
3. Customize colors and fonts
4. See partner sites
5. Check for updates
6. Credits added to site (click "Created By: AJD")
7. Added SwagCodes to bottom panel
8. Added Donate button to intro screen (and only that screen)
9. Enlarged the overall size of the App
10. Added new Icons
... and many more

- Andrew D.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swag App v1.0 is Released!

Its finally here! Version 1.0 has been released. Visit official Swag App website for details.

- Andrew D. & KOB KOB

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swag App v1.0

The Swag App version 1.0 is coming along nicely. It is scheduled for release on Friday the 21st of August. The Update includes major bug fixes, a much better design, and a much simpler design. These are only a few of the changes in version 1.0. We are trying hard to constantly improve. If you feel that there is an issue we have to address in version 1.0 please contact us at the emails specified below.

All the Swag Apps newest updates and downloads will be posted to the Swag App site, encase you forgot here is the website. LINK

- Andrew D. & KOB KOB

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Download Swag App 1.0 BETA

To Download the Swag App version 1.0 BETA visit this site

This is the official Swag App site were I will be posting all the Swag App info.

Please leave a comment or email about any Questions, Problems, or Improvements you think we should address or consider.

- Andrew D. & KOB KOB

Swag App

Tomorrow we will release a beta version of our new swagbucks app called the Swag App. The Swag App is a program that allows you to search the swag bucks site, register for a swagbucks account, and view the How 2 Earn Swag Bucks page. There are also links to all the social sites, the blog and the swag store. All of these are in one easy to access program! This app allows you to access everything swagbucks from one easy to find location.

(You can view the FULL swagbucks store and the FULL blog unlike in the Swidget)

Note: You will have to reinstall the final release because the update feature will not work in beta. Most of the features will work in the beta version, but the visual effects will not yet be up to standards.

We are in the process of trying to have a new section were you can check for Swag Codes just like in the Swidget, but most likely this will be released in a later version and not in version 1.0

- Andrew D. & KOB KOB

Monday, August 10, 2009


Based on the poll results it seems like some people are extremely happy with the information here and others are not happy at all. I highly encourage you to leave a comment below or to email me at "" Your input will allow me to keep on improving this site. Thanks!

-Andrew D.

An Introduction to SwagBucks

Version 2.0
I created this blog to help all Swaggernauts, new and old, earn more Swagbucks. I have been a member of Swagbucks for several months and I'm going to share all the tricks and tactics I've learned. uses Google and to provide results for searches. Honestly the results on are not quite as good as Google. Every time you search their is a chance for you to win between 1-5, 10, 20, 50, 0r 100 Swagbucks. There is no limit to the number of time that you can win, but most likely it will only be once or twice a day. Every Friday is MSBD a.k.a Mega SwagBuck Day, on these days you have a better chance at winning the higher value swagbucks.
(Note: If you are not a member you can sign up here)
How To Earn SwagBucks
There are many different ways to earn SwagBucks. One of the easiest ways to earn them is to make your home page. Another easy way is to create a SwagBucks toolbar in the top right corner of your web browser.

Here you will find out how to make your home page: Link

Here is how you can create a toolbar that uses SwagBuck Link

Below are the most commonly used ways to earn Swagbucks. For each one I'll add my own input on what I did to be more successful. You shouldn't be limited to these ideas, be creative and maybe you could be next in the SwagBucks Hall of F

SwagCodes: They are basically free swagbucks. The Swag Guy usually has one swagcode out per day, but there can be multiple swagcodes per day or none at all. Swagcodes can be found in the Blog, Facebook page, Myspace page, or on Twitter (Most of the time they are in the Blog, but there is also a good chance of finding them on the Facebook page).

Luckily for us you can just check the Swidget, which is located on the left side of this page. If you want to check any of the official swagbuck links for swagcodes they are also located on the left side of the page. Once you find a swagcode you can either enter it on the home page or on your account page.

Most swagcodes are worth between 1-3 swagbuck, but there is no limit on how much they can be worth. The most important thing to know about swagcodes is that there is always a limit! Most of the time there is a 1 to 2 hour time limit for swagcodes, so you have constantly check for any new blog posts or tweets. There could also be a limit on the number of people that can submit a swagcode.

IMPORTANT: Sharing SwagCodes is grounds for account deactivation!!

You can check out this Link for the official explanation of SwagCode

Search & Win

Trade-In: Allows you to earn SwagBucks from your old phones, mp3 players, or video games. It is very easy to do. You first go to the trade in page and select the make and model. They will give you an estimated amount of swagbucks that you can earn. Then you print out a prepaid envelope and ship it to them. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that they received your item, and within 5-6 days you will receive your swagbucks.

Personally I don't think that this is the smartest way to earn swagbucks. Each swagbuck is worth between 2 and 10 cents in US currency. For a fully functional Ipod video they said that they would give me 90 swagbucks. I know that 90 swagbucks may seem like a lot, but at most thats worth 9 dollars. I went on e-bay and found that I could sell it for up to 80 dollars. But if your ipod or cell phone isn't being used then I recomend submiting it, so it can be recycled by the swag guy, and in return you could earn alot of swagbucks.

(SPECIAL: For the month of August the Swag Guy is offering double the regular swagbucks for cell phone trade-ins, and 20 percent more for video game trade-ins.)

Search & Win

Friends: Having many friends is the easiest and most efficient way to earn tons and tons of swagbucks. For each friend you have you can earn up to 100 swagbucks. Now that is where some people get confused, so let me explain. For each person you refer to you can receive up to 100 swagbucks ONLY from the swagbucks they win while searching, NOT from any other form of earning swagbucks. REPEAT, ONLY from searching. To clarify, lets pretend I'm your friend and I win 2 swagbucks while searching, that means that you ALSO receive 2 swagbucks because I'm your friend. Also it this is not a pyrimid deal, you ONLY recieve the swagbucks from your friends NOT the friend of your friends.

Now to get friends you must have them sign up using your referral link. You can find this link at the bottom of your account page after selecting My Profile. You can also use promotion banners as a way to have friends sign up. I recommend only referring to friends that you know will be interested in earning swagbucks, not the friends who will sign up just to make you happy.

I also recommend NOT using the email system on It will send out a mass e-mail to all the contacts you have saved to whatever email site you use. This may seem great, but in fact it is terrible because the sign up link in the email doesn't allow you to become friends with the person after they sign up.

A good way to get many of your friends to sign up is to create a Note on your Facebook page and tag some of your friends in it. Make sure that your note explains all the aspects of You can use my Note as an example. Feel free to use the magic of copy and paste.

Example Note for Facebook: see post below

Search & Win

Shopping: With every 5 dollars spent you can earn 1 SB. This deal is only good at participating stores and when you log in at the specified web site below. This is definitely not the quickest way to make a swagbuck, but if you frequently shop at any of the stores then you could potentially earn a good sum of swagbucks

Shopping Site: Link

Search & Win

Specials: There are several other ways to make Swagbucks fast, one of which is to be the Hourly Random Winner. Every Hour a person is selected to win 5 swagbucks, the home page is where they announce the winner. Here's the catch, if you win you have to click on the button to redeem your 5 swagbucks, and if you miss your name then your out of luck.

By now you have probably seen the swagbucks polls, and noticed that each one is submitted by a member of You probably didn't know that if you submit a poll idea and it gets used then you can win 10 swagbucks. You can contact the Swag Guy at It takes maybe a minute to do and you can enter as many ideas as you want.

If your an experienced Swaggernaut then you probably have collected a prize or two, but did you know that if you take a picture or video of you opening your prize that you can earn swagbucks. Submit your video's to the Swagbucks page on Youtube and you can earn 2 swagbucks for up too 2 videos. If you submit your pictures to the swagbucks page on Flickr you can recieve 1 swagbuck for up too 5 pictures. Both Links are at the top of the page

Search & Win

SwagStakes: Are the Mega Millions of Every week the swag guy has a swagstakes and gives away 100 swagbucks. It costs only 1 swagbuck to enter for your chance to win. There are also other types of prizes you can win through swagstakes such as a Xbox 360 bundle or a PS3 bundle. You can enter any one of these as many times as you want, but the prices vary depending on the prizes.

Search & Win

You now know everything you need to know about how to earn swagbucks as easily as possible, but if you have any more questions you can visit the FAQ page at or contact me at the email address show to your left. Thanks for taking your time to read this and if you think this was helpful recommend this to a friend.

-If you have any comments on how I can improve this let me know, and if you voted in the poll please specify why you voted the way you did by leaving a comment. This will allow me to keep on improving, Thanks.

- Andrew D.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Facebook Example Note

(You can copy and paste this post to a new Note on your Facebook page then you can tag your friends in the Note, so they hopefully sign up for a swagbucks account. For more details see the post above)

Hey everybody. I just want to give you a quick guide on how you can make real money just by searching Google.

You DON"T NEED A CREDIT CARD, JUST TIME AND A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. To sign up just click on the link below .

If you don't think this is legit then just look at how many fans it has, on Facebook it has over 75,000 FANS! and it has 30,000 followers on Twitter.

Any questions leave a post on my wall

This is possible using

Whenever you search something on (which uses google and to provide results) their is a chance you can earn swag bucks which can be redeemed for real prizes, such as iphones, gift cards, and X box 360s.

Again NOOOO CREDIT CARDSS if you want to redeem a prize then you need to input your town, zip, and street number and they will ship it to you for free.

On the website after you sign up using the link below you can see the FAQ and How It Works icons on the screen for a more in depth description.

You could also visit this site for more information about how to earn more swagbucks fast and efficiently- Link

You can also sign up at

The picture right Below the text is the link, just click on it
Search & Win