Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Direction

We are now planning on improving this site and providing a greater quantity, and more in depth information about everything SwagBucks.  We will post about all the current events happening in the SwagBucks community, and give a more detailed analysis.  Unlike other blogs we will give our own opinion on whats smart, good deals, and things to avoid. We will start our new philosophy tomorrow.   
On a side Note: You may have noticed that we have recently added advertisements to the left column.  This is necessary to support ourselves and the Swag App.  Now when we agreed to the Terms and Conditions it was clearly stated that we can not recommend that you click on the advertisements.  It was also stated that you can not say anything like, "If you click an advertisement you can help support our website." Also Its important we don't post anywhere, "Please click on any of the advertisements on the screen."  So we plan on never saying any of those policy voiding statements, and plan on strictly abiding to the Terms and Conditions we agreed upon.

- Andrew D.  & KOB KOB

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