Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Ads and New Features

   We're off to a good start on our first day of the new and improved How2EarnSB website, and you may have noticed the new advertisements above and to the left of this post.  Now I know that everyone hates them, but they are currently necessary to support this site.  If you really dislike them then you could make a donation using the donate button on the bottom left, and then hopefully we can remove them. 
    Along with the ads there are also several new sections added to the left hand column.  One of which is the RSS section.  If you subscribe you will receive all of the new posts on this website by email.  We also reinstated the Followers section and added a Sign In section for  followers.  The Sign In section has some pretty cool features, but you'll have to become a follow to see what they are.
                                                  * Also read the New Direction post below*

- Andrew D.  &  KOB KOB

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