Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

 Today we celebrate all of the working people, especially all of the men and women working to protect our freedom.  So to all those in the U.S. Happy Labor Day, and make sure to check out the Labor Day toolbar swagcode.

- Andrew D. &  KOB KOB


  1. I have a question. Under My Account, there's a button that says My Friends. When I click on that it shows 1 of them as having 5 SB. But I have only gotten 3 from I'm not sure what's going on. I dont think I've already gotten those 2 points from them. I got the 3 from them during the weekend. And then 2 i see 2 more added next to their name but not added to my SBs... any idea what's going on?


  2. Usually if the swagbucks are next to your friends name that means that they have been added to your account already. They're probably already on your account and you just didn't realize it, but if you want to report and problem and possibly get those 2 swagbucks then send an email to the swag guy. Email him at or, whichever one you think applys.