Sunday, September 6, 2009

Toolbar SwagCodes

  If you haven't already downloaded the toolbar then download it!!  It's a must have for any serious swagernaut.  So far there have been six swagcodes in the toolbar and TSG said that there will be a swagcode in the toolbar everyday in the month of September. If you haven't downloaded it yet then here's how to download.  First click on the link below.  This will bring you to the download page.  The page automatically detects what web browser you are using.  Click the big purple Download button. For every browser except Firefox a popup will appear asking whether or not you would like to download (For Firefox you will have to click "allow" in the top right corner).  Then you click "install" or "run".  Once the files are downloaded you will be asked what features or notifications you would like to receive or be added to your toolbar.  Select whatever ones you want, then select "finish or "complete".  Your web browser will restart and you should have the SwagBucks toolbar installed. 

 Download toolbar:

- Andrew D. &   KOB KOB

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